Bunkhouse Style Lodging available.

Accommodations are enough for 54 people among the 5 bunkhouses we have.
We are 15 minutes from Choke Canyon and an hour from Corpus Christi and San Antonio


Ferguson Farm House

Our newest farmhouse style bunkhouse sleeps 8 with central air, full kitchen and bath. The bedrooms have a little more room and larger beds. This house was constructed in part from materials of a 100 year home that was built by one of the original families in George West.

Silo houses #1 & #2
These are twin cabins with unique bedrooms made out of retrofitted grain silos.  Full kitchen and bath with nicely decorated living areas.

Lone Star Bunkhouse

Aka the small bunkhouse sleeps 4 with a full bath, There is no kitchen in the small bunkhouse. It has been recently remodeled and decorated.

Lonesome Dove Compound

Twin bunkhouses which sleep a total of 8 each and have full kitchen and baths.  An old 1940s water cistern from the George West Family era sits between them and has had an old grain tank top placed on top and a deck in the bottom to make an outdoor pavilion that is unique.

This area has recently been updated adding an outdoor bar, cooking area and laundry room with a nook that has two additional bunks. There are flat screen TVs in the bar and pavilion.  It’s a great place to eat or just relax.

Overflow lodging

Above the venue, there are 2 additional rooms one with 6 and the other has 4 twin beds.