Katzfey Ranches is a second generation operation that originated in 1966 in part by a partnership of three brothers, Martin, Leonard and Wilfred Katzfey.  They formed a business known as Katzfey Brothers.  They operated a feed mill, Coastal Bermuda dehydrating plant, grain elevator, bulldozing and land clearing operation, irrigated hay and forage for feed and they raised hogs and cattle.

Today Katzfey Ranches is owned and operated by Mark Katzfey and is still a working ranch.  The ranches raise cattle, irrigate for hay and feed, and now offer dove hunts and lodging.

The main headquarters known as “The Dehydrator” is located on County Road 440 about a mile North West of George West.  The recently remodelled main barn has a full service kitchen and outdoor covered cooking area suitable for large events.  The “dehydrator” is fully ingrained in history. Every aspect of this facility is connected to the past of Live Oak County and the Katzfey family heritage. The bar was recently built with re-purposed wood from a family home dating back to the early 1900’s. Although Katzfey ranches has recently renovated and has state of the art amenities, nothing can compete with the God given view of the ranch.

Katzfey Ranch will soon have lodging available for 54. Two of the lodges have sleeping quarters made out of actual grain silos that were located and used on the original family ranch.  The new lodge is constructed of materials from a historic home that was demolished in George West. The Katzfey family enjoys extending the small town hospitality of Live Oak County through the use of their historic facility. It is a great venue for fundraisers, parties, reunions, and even weddings.